How To


The best way to enjoy Ruthie’s Best Butterscotch sauce is to heat it up! We recommend microwaving for 15-20 seconds and giving it a stir until it reaches a delightfully smooth consistency.

What can I enjoy Ruthie’s Best Butterscotch on?

Glad you asked! You can enjoy Ruthie’s Best Butterscotch Sauce in more ways than just one. Some of these ideas are out of the ordinary, but trust us, you need to try them for yourself! This Butterscotch Sauce IS extra-ordinary!

Try Ruthie’s Best….

  • With your favorite fruit! This sauce is wonderful as a fruit dip. Your fruit tray will be the talk of the party serving Ruthie’s Best at your next gathering!
  • Drizzled over vanilla ice cream. A combination of your best homemade vanilla ice cream with Ruthie’s Best Butterscotch Sauce is a match made in heaven.
  • Glazed over ham, pork loin, chicken wings, and more! Yes, that’s right. This butterscotch sauce is not just used as a dessert! While it will satisfy your sweet tooth, it will also hold its own nicely at your dinner table glazed on top of your favorite savory entrée.