Story Behind the Sauce


My affection towards butterscotch began as a child with visits to my Grandmother Snellgrove’s house and heading straight for her famous candy jar filled with butterscotch. My mind is filled with sweet memories of those visits. I never dreamed my love for butterscotch would play a major role in my life, as well as that of our only son.

Stephen is our only child. Never been sick a day in his life. No broken bones through all the sports he played and never a visit to the emergency room. That all changed for him in April of 2016 at the age of 25. Stephen’s energy level was going down. He had started losing weight and his love for golf was moved to the back burner. What we thought was a severe case of pneumonia and/or mononucleosis, turned out to be much worse.

Stephen was diagnosed with Stage 3C Embryonal Testicular Carcinoma. WHAT? The testicular cancer he was diagnosed with had already moved into his stomach, his lungs and his brain. We were numb! This diagnosis came about in less than 72 hours. Our world was turned upside down. Stephen was given a 50/50 chance of survival by one doctor and a survival rate of 80/20 by another doctor. Stephen knew what he was facing and told his doctor that he would take the top 50. So we hit the road running and never looked back.

Beginning on April 20, 2016, Stephen would be facing 5 surgeries, around 100 bags of chemo and 2 transplants. Watching him go through this was the hardest faith walk I have ever been on.


So you may be wondering — what does this have to do with my Butterscotch Sauce?

When Stephen was going through both his transplants, he and I were living in Atlanta. Stephen had to report to the hospital every day for blood work, chemo, flushings, labs, etc. Stephen was getting great care from his medical team. So as a ‘thank you,’ I started taking my Butterscotch Sauce to the nurses station. It was a big hit. They wanted more and the word of my sauce spread quickly.

In April 2021, Stephen passed his 5-year mark with a clean bill of health. All clear. We are grateful for the doctors, his nurses and his entire medical staff while going through transplants. Most of all, we are grateful to the Lord for giving him a second chance at life.

Ruthie’s Best Butterscotch Sauce is currently available all across the country including stores in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and even New York.

We are also proud to say that our sauce was a 2022 Flavor of Georgia Finalist and is a current member of the Women’s Food Alliance.